Uriolo is an art director and fashion stylist with seven years of experience behind him: his projects have been featured in magazines such as Vogue, GQ, Numéro, Nylon, and i-D, among others. With a special eye for neo-vintage ; music from the late 90's and early 00's is one of his work’s biggest influences and inspirations. Capable to set up fashion stories in almost any context, this young artist had the chance to collaborate with the biggest houses.

As a costume designer for commercial projects, he likes to play with color palettes in order to recreate an aesthetic proposal for the client. 

Born Oriol Robert, on October 22, 1994, in Barcelona, Spain. Oriol grew up in a creative household; his mother was a makeup artist and his father was an interior designer. Oriol’s interest in fashion began at a young age and he would often sketch designs and create outfits for his dolls. 

After a few months living in the UK, he moved back to Barcelona in 2013 to attend the Fashion University, where he studied fashion design. Then, decided to move to Madrid to pursue projects in the fashion industry independently. He was honored to work for both magazines and commercials, learning the job from the professionals he continues to admire.

Since late 2018, He has again been based primarily in Barcelona. This change has enabled him to focus on his work as a creative director, collaborating with the city’s rich community of artists, photographers and makeup artists.